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With My Marathon Analysis it is possible to browse through all results from the marathon and (re)experience your race again. The system provides you the opportunity to experience your own race in a spectacular way. It is possible to virtually race against the winner(s) and your friends, using the official results of the marathon.

My Marathon Analysis
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2008, analysis, sports

April 2008

My marathon analysis

Like a director you can compose your own analysis and play it. See when runners pass each other or speed up during the race. You can scroll through the race, stop it, fast forward it or play it in slow motion. The system shows the traveled distance, speed and the runner’s position on the race track during at any moment in the race.

This system is developed in a cooperation between SMARTposition and Fortis Marathon Rotterdam.

You can visit the online race simulator via the website of the Fortis Marathon Rotterdam.


User manual for My Marathon Analysis (PDF)