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SMARTposition has participated in the IST-MIDAS project with NOC*NSF and Capgemini. We provided the MIDAS project with knowledge about positioning technologies, and SMARTposition services were used during two MIDAS project pilots (Superprestige Gieten 2007 , Four Days Marches Nijmegen 2008).

2007, 2008, lbs, noc*nsf

January 2006 – June 2008

ITS-MIDAS project

The MIDAS project will make it easier to produce new and innovative mobile
services, by providing middleware building blocks that free application developers
from dealing with time-consuming reinvention of low-level technical functions. The project will focus in particular on making it feasible to provide mobile services in situations where the following apply:



MIDAS project summary (PDF)

Sports Fans Stay Always Connected with MIDAS (PDF)

Raising public participation and awareness intermediate (PDF)

The Consortium executing the MIDAS project (PDF)