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In order to improve the safety (and feeling of security) of elderly people outdoors, we developed a system called Nightbird that enables them to quickly alarm caretakers or volunteer aids in case of an emergency. Using this system allows volunteer aids to quickly respond to emergency calls of the ones they care for. This system has been developen in a joint venture between Evalan B.V., Amstelring, and SMARTposition. Nightbird has been designed specifically for the healthcare, and uses a combination of speech and positioning technologies.

2008, lbs

January 2008 – August 2008

Available soon

One button

Only one push of the button establishes a voice connection to the volunteer aid, and notifies him of the location of the call with an accuracy of 10 meters.

Notification through internet, SMS and phone

Besides receiving (emergency) call, the volunteer can also track the location and movement of the person he cares for realtime via internet, SMS or phone.

In case of an alarm, the system gives the address details of the call to the volunteer. If the phone number is unreachable, an alternative number is called. The address details are also sent as text information in an SMS.


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