Portfolio » debitel - Vind en Volg

For debitel the SMARTposition team developed and maintains the whitelabel Track & Trace solution: ‘Vind en Volg’, translated as ‘Find and Follow’.

The service consists of a ‘basic’ mobile phone, gps and a data connection. With this service consumers can control to which numbers the phone can call and monitor where the person with the phone is.

Some of the unique selling points are delivered by the SMARTposition LBS platform that is capable of doing Hybrid positioning where both GPS and GSM Celltower information is used to determine the location. This Hybrid positioning provides a location availability of 99.9%.

Other services provided by ‘Vind en ‘Volg’ are SafeZone alerts, Sos alerts and Speed alerts. Whenever an alert is triggered the defined contacts are notified by Sms and/or Email.