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Many professional athletes collect and use heart rate data during their training sessions. When using Suunto equipment, heartbeat data can be downloaded from the measuring device (a watch) afterwards and stored on a personal computer. Since this data is only available locally, it’s hard to share and analyze data with coaches and medical staff. It’s even harder to do this in an organized manner for a larger number of athletes, enabling comparison and analysis over larger collections of training data. Moreover, data and knowledge is often lost when personnel changes occur, like changes of coach or medical staff.

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2006, 2007, analysis, noc*nsf, sports

October 2006 – June 2007

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The GeoBeat project aims at storing heart rate data in the SportLog domain, and combining this data with geodata like location, altitude and weather conditions. In this way training advances can be analyzed with respect to the chosen track. The integration of heart beat data and geo-information will be further explored in the GeoBeat project. The project is realized by SMARTPosition and supported by Suunto.

Technically, this project is implemented by Python scripts in SportLog that link uploaded heart rate data to a training log. SportLog then requests geodata from SMARTposition by means of a SOAP web service. The data is then combined and displayed to a user.

Geobeat overview


Newsletter Sportlog November 2006 dutch only (PDF)

Presentation GeoBeat preliminary results – papendal 2007 (PDF)