In some situations, it is important to be aware of the whereabouts of people who are dear to you. These might be your children, elderly people or your employees. Our Safety system makes this possible. For this purpose, we use GPS devices with basic GSM functionality and controllable buttons. These devices allow you to know the location of the person dear to you at all times.

Scenario: Elderly people

Imagine the following scenario. You are the caretaker of your father or mother, who is of high age. They have problems remembering things and adapting to new technology like GSM phones. Sometimes, they wander off, leaving everyone wondering for hours where they could be at. We can offer you a solution for this scenario by equipping your parents with a GPS tracker with an S.O.S. function, which also functions as a mobile phone.

By pushing the red S.O.S. button in the center, an S.O.S. signal is reported to our systems immediately. Our system will then alert caretakers via SMS or email, with the location of the person carrying the device. All this is done without the intervention of a operator or call-center. The tracker will report its location every 10 minutes even when no S.O.S. buttons are pressed, so you can always be aware of the location of the person carrying the device. It is possible to call the tracker, and the person carrying it can use it as a GSM phone with a limited number of phone numbers to choose from.


To summarize, our system enables you to:

While the trackers: