SMARTposition offers value-added services based on the location of people or goods. This type of services is known as location-based services. We develop, implement and exploit several location-based services ourselves. Additionally, we develop and facilitate location-based services for our clients as a service enabler.

Location-based services


The location-based services SMARTposition offers itself focus on the following sectors:

In addition to these existing services, we put a lot of time and effort into the creation and development of new concepts. On the best of these concepts, we follow through ourselves, with partners or for customers.

Service enabler

Service Enabler

To our customers, we offer a complete package to enable location-based services. All our location-based (web)services fit together seamlessly and can be used in any configuration depending on your requirements. To allow for this, we use our own platform which combines components for positioning, supporting services, infrastructure, visualization and integration. This platform is the basis of the LBS we develop. Technical information about the platform we offer can be found in Platform.

Our LBS platform has the following characteristics: