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SMARTposition’s LBS platform can be used to support existing systems, or can be used as a system in which other services are integrated. The platform consists of three main components:

  1. Positioning is the base data other services operate on.
  2. Supporting services enrich location data with information.
  3. Integration to connect to existing systems.

SMARTposition LBS platform

1. Positioning

Positioning is the starting point for providing LBS(Location-based services. Position data can be enriched using other information. The position data can be real-time or post processed, and can be obtained using different technologies, such as GPS, GSM and WLAN.

SMARTposition supports different positioning technologies, which are combined within the platform.


The GPS uses satellites to determine ones position. This technology works quite accurately, and is only available outdoors. Since a broad diversity of hardware is available for GPS, SMARTposition carefully selects the best and most reliable equipment for you.

SMARTposition has some options that enable GPS indoors, such as Assisted GPS.


GSM triangulation

Another method of positioning is to use the GSM network to determine a location, using the cell-id. This technique makes use of the ID of the GSM infrastructure node a GSM phone is connected to.

One major advantage of this technique is that it works both outdoors and indoors, and that it is very fast. The accuracy is about 100 to 200 meters.


Positioning can also be accompished using WLAN access points, infrastructure to access a wireless network. This technique works both outdoors and indoors and can achieve room-level accuracy.

The measured signal strength for an access point and it’s identifier are combined to determine a position.

Miscellaneous radio technologies

Several other technologies can be used to determine positions. Examples are RFID, Bluetooth en Zigbee.

2. Supporting services

Supporting services can be used to enrich location data, for example to add a street and city name to a set of coordinates.

The following services are available:

3. Integration

To enable the use of existing systems, SMARTposition offers a number of standard integration options.

  1. Build from standard components and techniques.
  2. XML based, integration with any XML supporting system is possible.
  3. Plug-and-play. Withing seconds any system can make use of the SMARTposition services.

In this way it is possible to extend your existing application with services offered by SMARTposition. If you would like to know what we can mean for your company, please contact us.