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SMARTposition offers location-based services for a wide range of applications in logistics.

If you feel one of these system could be of help to you, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your specific situation.


For the transport and logistics market segment we have two types of solutions available:



Follow agricultural machinery like combines, tractors and mowers. This machinery is very expensive, and can operate more and more autonomously.

GPS tracking can for instance be used to see the progress a machine has made during the day, visualize the coverage or predict the time a certain field will take.


In delivery and distribution, it’s of course important that parcels are delivered efficiently and on-time. With our GPS tracking system, it’s possible to constantly be aware of the location of all vans, so you’ll know for example who is in the best position to pick up new parcels.

If you feel such a system could be of help to you, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your specific situation.

Installation and maintenance

In installation and maintenance, it can be a huge advantage if you are constantly aware of the location and availability of your technicians. The solution offered by SMARTposition will increase your corporate efficiency and reduce your costs. Our fleet-management software enables you to optimize your order planning. But even more importantly, you will be able to see the location all your cars in your fleet real-time, along with all your employees.

We provide a low-cost solution which can be used in tandem with existing navigation products and GSM phones.

The hardware is equipped with 1 to 4 configurable buttons. Using these, employees can for example send notifications of the start and completion of jobs to the job planner, so you’ll always know who is available at what location.

On top of this, the device can be used as a corporate phone for a limited number of pre-programmed numbers. The device itself can always be contacted.