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Live race and event tracking allows you to view and understand the progress of large scale races and events from your living room, from alongside the track or from any other location. SMARTposition has a long history in live race and event tracking, dating back to the Batavierenrace of 2003.

Apart from tracking, SMARTposition is involved in many sports related projects. These projects are often executed together with well-known organisations like NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee) and Suunto. We specialize in:

Live race tracking

Our live tracking system is used by organizations to make their event more interesting to watch, and to engage visitors and sponsors in the event. To view a live event as it unfolds, we offer two options. The first is a web application, while the second is an application that must be installed on your computer.

Google Maps

A Google Maps application that offers functionality for the selection, tracking and viewing of participants.

3D Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to view the event in 3D, although not all features from the Google Maps application are present.

Professional rental

We offer our live GPS tracking system to organizations that want their (sports)event to be special: it’s just that extra bit that makes the event as engaging as possible to visitors and sponsors. The professional rental package is suitable for both large and small organizations, and opens up interesting sponsorship possibilities.

SMARTposition offers a complete package, including advice and support before and during the event. Additionally, we can process and analyze gathered data after the event. Read more about the Professional Rental, or check out some of the events we tracked previously. Please contact us for a quote for your event.


During an event, enormous quantities of data are collected in a number of ways on individual athletes, groups of athletes and external circumstances.

SMARTposition has ample experience in the matching, processing, analysis and visualization of these data sources. To an athlete, this offers the opportunity to relive his own race, and to compare and analyze his achievements. It is for example possible to organize a virtual race between himself, the winner and friends.

Analysis can use and combine a number of data sources, including:

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